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  1. This guide will describe my extremely basic method of decrypting an HD-DVD or Blu-Ray disc, excluding all "unnecessary" audio tracks, creating an image (.iso) of your movie, and finally, play itback. Please note that there are definitely multiple ways to do this and multiple programs that can be used. In addition, there are many many more steps that can be included for various processing needs, this guide is meant to cover just the absolute basics and hopefully help out those who are just starting out. Also, the guide is broken up into 2 sections: the first is related to HD-DVD's and the second for Blu-Rays.
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    *Note: I beleive that TSmuxer has a way of accessing the playlist and joining the needed .m2ts files but I haven't included it here as I have not had time to test it out. If anyone has more information please send it to me and I will update the guide accordingly. Also, please let me know if any of the information in this guide is innacurate and needs to be changed. Your comments are much appreciated!
    If found a nice and easy guide to run eac3to to find the longest play lists that a BD movie or rip has. This helped me immensely because after you find the longest playlist, which is most often the main title, you can just drag and drop it into tsMuxer and you can skip tsSplitter all together and rip out the miscellaneous streams and convert straight to Blu-Ray Structure. I hope this helps you as much as it did me. I chose to make the batch file, seemed easiest, and i just adjust it accordingly for each new movie.

    A link for eac3to.

    Below is the link to the original post.

    This is the simplest method at the moment to create a stripped down BD movie.

    Tools needed:

    NOTE: If you are using XP, PLEASE ensure you have the Toshiba UDF driver installed!

    For those who like command lines:
    -Open a command prompt to where eac3to is located
    -eac3to <driveletter>: (e.g. eac3to d: )
    goto CONTINUED

    For those who hate command lines:
    -Put eac3to in your path or add the full path to the eac3to.exe command in the next line
    -Click start, run, type eac3to.exe <driveletter>: -log=c:\Path\to\where\you\want\log\to\go\eac3to.txt (e.g. eac3to.exe d: -log=c:\eac3to.txt)
    -Click ok
    -Open your eac3to.txt file wherever you put it
    goto CONTINUED

    For those that just simply hate me:

    @echo off
    set pathToEac=c:\eac3to\
    set pathToMovie=D:

    %pathToEac%eac3to.exe "%pathToMovie%"
    pauseEdit the pathToEac to whatever directory has the eac3to.exe file
    Edit the pathToMovie to either the drive that has the original OR the folder you've ripped to
    Save it to a runEAC3TO.bat file and put it someplace you can easily click on
    Run it
    goto CONTINUED

    -Pick the playlist file of the movie you want. (e.g. 00007.mpls) Hint - This is USUALLY the one with the longest duration.
    -Open mpls file from previous step with tsmuxer. (e.g. 00007.mpls)
    -Deselect streams you want to remove
    -Output to a blu-ray folder structure
    -Use my makeISO to make a new ISO
    -Mount ISO in VCD or Daemon Tools or burn it to disc

    Since we keep posting these directions over and over, I've added it to my signature. I'll update this guide as things get easier. (For instance, I suspect the next version of TSMuxer will probably list the playlist files like eac3to does so that eac3to won't be necessary for the first step) Or if we get blindsided and Slysoft suddenly releases CloneBD that does it all in one easy to use GUI, you know, we'll nuke this guide altogether.
    -Dell Inspiron 9300 running Windows Vista SP1 ["There can be only one!"]
    Samuri's Guides:
    -Bad Disc?
    -ISO Creation
    -BD Folder->ISO
    -Movie Only BD Creation

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  3. I am not sure if "devilcoelhodog" on this forum is the same person "QuadcoreHD" on Doom9's forum?

    Anyway QuadcoreHD has updated his guide:

    "UPDATE: TSMuxer now has the ability to open the "main movie" playist file (.mpls file) directly and mux all relevant movie tracks automatically. Instructions are as follows:

    After inserting BD disc into your machine, navigate to the folder titled "PLAYLIST"
    -Select largest (in actual kb size) .mpls file. I have yet to see where this file NOT the playlist for the main move.
    -Open this directly with TSMuxer
    -Follow muxing instructions information located in guide

    *Please note that steps 3a, 3b, and 3c under the Blu-Ray section can now be skipped. I'll leave them there for reference however"
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    Any method or program that I can rip and backup blu ray dvd under mac os?
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    Hey this guy "devilcoelhodog" that posted this is certainly NOT me, and completely copied my entire guide verbatim.

    Please remove this thread and ban this idiot.

    Do your own research and don't copy other people's hard work a-hole
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  6. --->

    All the original information were posted with source, ok?
    You read too fast to realize, maybe?

    I am not sure if "devilcoelhodog" on this forum is the same person "QuadcoreHD" on Doom9's forum?
    I'm not. And I never said I was this user, in any moment.
    Sorry any misuranderstanding about this, ok?

    See the source: I said from WHERE I get these information. Sorry if I forgot to mention about the thread starter in the other forum: QuadcoreHD (thanks for your guide).

    I never said it was ME who originally created these thread. I just pass the information here.

    See the dooms9's thread and see if there the name's about the original author.

    Thanks and sorry for any problem.

    Best regards.
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  7. I'm a MEGA Super Moderator Baldrick's Avatar
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    Originally Posted by quadcoreHD
    Hey this guy "devilcoelhodog" that posted this is certainly NOT me, and completely copied my entire guide verbatim.

    Please remove this thread and ban this idiot.

    Do your own research and don't copy other people's hard work a-hole
    Replaced it with a quote and a link to the guide.
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  8. Thanks, Baldrick.

    End of problems, I suppose? :P

    All of misuranderstandings are solved too?

    Best regards.
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