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    My post will be little bit longer.
    I usually shoot wedding ceremonies with digital camera and after editing I produce DVD discs. I’m using Panasonic NV-9000 digital camera with mini DV cassetes, then capture the video using “Scenalyzrlive”. edit with “Vegas 7”, frameserving video to “Cinema Craft Encoder”, and finally with “DVD Lab “ and “Nero” burning the DVD discs.My computer is PIV , 512 MB of ram, 2,4 GHz with firewire capture card and no special or expensive video card.
    But I’m prepear to go on HDV video and here is my questions:

    Is any article available where I can read for HDV shooting from very beginning( shooting with HDV camera, transfer the HDV video to computer, what computer is required for capturing and editing HDV video, is any special hardware needed for capturing and editing HDV, what NLE software supports HDV editing and HDV encoding to Bluray disc, Bluray burners………………………..}
    In one word, I want to learn the whole process starting from shooting the HDV video,
    finishing with watching the HDV video on TV.
    Best regards,l
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  2. For capturing, you have all the hardware you need already - i.e., a FireWire interface.

    See my recent post on the free software you can use for capturing:

    BTW, should you ever go the Vista route, its version of Windows Movie Maker supports HDV natively including capturing and editing.
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    Vegas 7 can be used for HDV but Vegas Pro 8 upgrade would be better. I recode to the included Cineform codec for editing and downscale to normal DVD. I save both HDV and DVD MPeg2 edit masters.
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