I am converting a Windows Movie Maker movie consisting of high res photos made into a slide show type movie for a realestate agent showing the inside of the house. I am converting to .FLA for placement on a web page. They insist on "good" resolution of the pictures in the movies.

Is there a good explanation of all the possible settings in Super. I am not a video expert nor do I have time to try all the different options.

I am trying to explain that the average user will not sit and wait too long for a video to load. So we are looking for the right conversion setttings in Super that will produce clear pictures but load in reasonable time. ( I know asking for the moon here).

Any recommendations or directions to Super User Guide. My latest attempt here:


I don't think they will consider clear enough. I used 768:576, 4:3, 25f/s, 672 bitrate

Thank you.