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  1. I am trying to make a dvd from an .avi file (I believe it is xvid).

    Nero 6 was able to make the dvd. The new dvd runs fine on my computer.

    But none of my 3 standalone dvd players will play it. Two of these are fairly new.
    A Philips and Panasonic.

    Two of the three do not recognize it. The third plays it but badly--scrolling the picture

    Do I need a different program to author the dvd? Or is the problem the .avi file or xvid?
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    you don't say where you are but it may be nero made a PAL dvd and your standalones are NTSC only and can't play it. the other possibility is bad media. stick with either verbatim or t.y. dvd-r for best results.

    ps. nero isn't a good choice for encoding anything.
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  3. Yeah, I need to look at the perameters that should be set first.

    But what is good for encoding and authoring?

    I'd prefer something that is relatively simple and not terribly expensive.
    Those things may ruin everything.
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  4. FAVC (free) for encoding and authoring your DVD, easy to use, even makes simple menus if you want

    IMGBURN (free) for burning your DVD
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    What he said. I rarely have a problem with this combo.

    You can also look at DVD Flick (free) or ConvertxtoDVD (not free).
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