I use a imac for simple video editing and such for work. I have a few of the sony direct dvd drives and panasonic dvd recorder and the sony rdr-gx315. The problem is the rdr shows up as a SONATA_VOLUME on my desk top and the file shows no vobs. I have read of others having this problem so the do the terminal sudo open volume trick and I can see my vobs but only one of them will actually play. I contacted sony and they say its macs fault and mac says its sonys fault. In the mean time I am left with a disc I can not copy via the computer and I don't have all day to do mulitple dvds in real time. Does anyone have any firmware hacks or a program I can run on the mac to see this elusive disc? So you know these are not movies but buisness meetings I am taping then needing to burn multiple copys of .