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    I want to play streaming 3gp videos on my PC (not mobile device). The reason is that my internet connection (128k) is too slow for normal desktop youtube, and mobile 3gp files is encoded at lower bitrate, so it will play with no lags. This is the software I tried:

    RealPlayer - it plays but it crashes on every video after one minute of playback or even less.
    VLC Player - it doesn't support samr sound in 3gp and doesn't play the video at all, in the log it writes: "quicktime error: cannot initialize QT"
    QuickTime - it hangs after URL input
    Media Player Classic with rtsp support set to RealMedia - it says "RealMedia error"
    Media Player Classic with rtsp support set to QuickTime - it determines the resolution and the length of the video, but the playback won't start
    mpeg4ip - it says it supports rtsp, 3gp and amr, but I couldn't find a new build for windows, the only one I found is from 2002 and just hangs
    MPlayer - the playback won't start

    What is the software that can play it normally on Windows PC? It's OK even if it is commercial.
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