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  1. For Linux, should Acpi be turned off or on in bios?

    Presently using MEPIS 7 and occassionally it will lockup requiring an hard boot. I checked my bio and Acpi was turned on. Googling got mixed replies.

    Thanks kindly...
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    If your ACPI bios is buggy, then turn it off. I have ACPI turned on with all my PCs, no issues here. No laptops either. ACPI is known to be buggy with some motherboards and chipsets. Like capturing works great with Intel chipsets, but had serious issues with old VIA chipsets. Sleep and hibernation works well with some laptops (Dell) not so well with others (Acer).

    Perhaps a hardware, or even Mepis forum would be better than the VIDEO forum :P
    If Mepis isn't giving you enough info, check out Ubuntu's forum as they both use a Debian base.

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