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    I have just switched to Linux/Debian to Mac OS X. I was a regular user of mencoder under Linux to reencode and when necessary rotate the videos taken with my digital camera. However, I couldn't get mencoder to work on my Mac, and I am now happy to have found ffmpegX which seems to offer the important options in an understandable user-interface.

    However, how come ffmpegX does not offer any "rotate" feature since the underlying mencoder does? Or is it because ffmpegX relies on an older version of the mencoder?

    I have seen a few posts about this on the forum but these were from 2006, so I thought I might ask about the current status...

    If there is no way to rotate in ffmpegX, does anyone knows a free tool to do so using Mac OS X?

    Thanks a bunch,
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    The ffmpegX GUI does indeed not feature any rotate settings.
    You could give MPEG Streamclip (not just for MPEGs anymore) a try, as its export options do feature rotate settings.
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