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    This question goes out to anyone currently using the Black magic HDMI input card with windows.

    I am soon to purchase a HV20 and possibly the Black magic card with it.


    Will Adobe Premier or other NLE accept uncompressed video for editing. The spec below suggests it, but i'm confused if Adobe allows this out of the box, or if the BM card provides a plugin to adobe.

    if 1 hr of HDV = 13GB of MPEG2, how much disk space does 1 hour of HDMI channedl RAW HD video take up?

    A system requirment of the BM card is a fast disk array. Disk arrays (RAID 1 or RAID 10) by there nature offer faster READ times, but slower WRITE times. Is the disk array required for the writing of the raw data from the HDMI channle or for the NLE to have fast enough read speed to manage the enourmous RAW data.

    I have copied the spec from a seller site to assist with understanding my questions.

    Thanks in advance.

    ================================================== ==============================
    Black Magic Intensity PCIe card.

    Colorspace Conversion Hardware based real time
    HD Down Conversion Mac OS X™ only real-time rendering. Support for HD 1080 and HD 720 to SD.
    Click here for the latest down-conversion features and details.
    HD Cross Conversion Mac OS X™ only real-time rendering. Support for HD 720 to HD 1080 cross conversion. Click here for the latest cross-conversion features and details.
    Real time effects Mac OS X™ Final Cut Pro HD™ internal effects.

    Windows XP™, Blackmagic Design custom, uncompressed RT effects in Adobe Premiere Pro™. Windows XP™, Adobe RealTime Effects in DV edit mode with Adobe Premiere Pro™.

    Firmware Upgrade Firmware for cards built into software driver.
    Loaded at system start, or via updater software.
    Installation PCI Express 1 lane, compatible with 1,4,8,16 lane PCI Express slots. Please see the full system requirements for Mac OS X™ and Windows™.

    • Software CD-ROM
    • 1-Year Limited Warranty

    Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro- PCIe

    The Intensity Pro HDMI and Analog Editing Card from Blackmagic is an excellent choice for your digital and and analog capture needs. The card fully supports NTSC, PAL and HD video via HDMI, component, composite or S-Video. ...More Info

    Add the incredible quality of HDMI to your computer. Intensity features the latest HDMI technology for the highest quality capture and playback on Windows or Mac OS X computers. Now you can edit using big-screen HDMI televisions and video projectors, or capture uncompressed quality from HDV cameras!

    True HDMI Digital Connections
    Intensity features HDMI-in for connecting to cameras and digital set-top boxes for the highest quality capture. Get higher quality capture from HDV cameras by capturing direct and bypassing the HDV compression chip, for high quality video, captured direct from the CCD. Because edit software cannot play back to HDV cameras for monitoring, Intensity is ideal to use for monitoring uncompressed HD or HDV and even DV edits on the latest big screen televisions and video projectors by connecting to the built in HDMI-out.

    Go Beyond HDV Video Quality
    HDV video compression suffers from not being full 1920 HD resolution, and the extra processing required makes editing difficult. With Intensity, you can now capture and playback full resolution HDTV uncompressed video, for true broadcast and feature film quality editing. Totally eliminate HDV & DV compression quality problems, and render much cleaner graphics while retaining deeper color and image detail. If you need lower data rate editing, you can also select from a range of professional compressed video capture modes. Intensity includes the same Blackmagic Design video technology used on Hollywood feature films – so quality won’t limit your creativity.

    Live Production with On-Air 2.0
    Experience the incredible excitement of filming events live. Included with Intensity is Blackmagic On-Air 2.0 which allows two Intensity boards to be plugged into an Apple Mac Pro system for live mixing between two HDV cameras. On-Air includes everything you need for a live production studio including camera monitoring, program monitoring, graphic keying and recording to disk. Cameras auto sync, so you don't even need expensive genlock featured cameras — any HDV camera with HDMI out will do. Full resolution live HD production is ideal for weddings, education, corporate production and more. It has never been so affordable!

    Mac OS X and Windows Compatible
    Plug into Windows or Mac OS X computers with the same card, and use your favorite software, including Apple Final Cut Pro™, Adobe Premiere Pro™, Adobe After Effects™, Adobe Photoshop™, eyeon Fusion™ and many more. Intensity is fully DirectShow™ and QuickTime™ compatible, which adds HDMI capture and playback ability to your computer. DirectShow and QuickTime allows Intensity to work with a wide range of software for editing, design and paint, through to the exciting video utility software that allows custom desktop based video solutions.

    Professional Video Standards
    Instantly switch between HD and SD video standards including HDTV 1080i/59.94, 1080i/50, 720p/59.94, 720p/60, 720p/50, NTSC and PAL. Intensity allows capture in professional file formats which are fully compatible with Blackmagic Design’s DeckLink and Multibridge capture cards, so you can deliver finished television programs, music videos and other work at broadcast standards.

    Add broadcast quality to your editing system and move to a new world of video editing where your images always stay perfect at full resolution HDTV. At only $369, you can upgrade today.

    Intensity works with a huge range of software to let you choose the tools you already know how to use, so you don’t need waste time learning custom software when you want better video quality.
    Editing with Premiere Pro
    Intensity is the highest quality editing solution for Adobe Premiere Pro™, and is fully compatible, so you get a compete solution with nothing extra to buy. Play out through the HDMI video output using 8 and 10 bit uncompressed AVI and QuickTime™ files, HDV, Motion JPEG and DV files, as well as 32 bit TARGA and BMP image sequences which can all be played back on the same Premiere Pro™ timeline without rendering.

    Blackmagic Design’s software drivers are certified by Adobe™ for Premiere Pro™ compatibility and we work closely with Adobe™ to include exciting features such as Real-Time Effects effects, and full integration with After Effects and Photoshop. This assures a fully professional solution.

    Editing with Final Cut Pro
    Edit in Final Cut Pro, while using the highest quality uncompressed video, or choose DVCPRO HD codec, which is higher quality and faster than native HDV. You can even use Intensity just for monitoring to HDMI televisions from HDV Final Cut Pro timelines! When playing back video, you get full RT Extreme™ real time effects, all with sample accurate AV sync. Intensity supports many of the advanced Final Cut Pro 5™ features such as 10 bit rendering, RT Extreme™, and support for HDV, JPEG, DV, DV50, DV100, 8 & 10 bit uncompressed media types.

    Blackmagic Design works closely with Apple™ on developing our QuickTime™ drivers, so you know you're getting the best combination for high end editing.

    Design and Effects
    Intensity even allows high end design and effects work, great for special effects you've always wanted in Independent Films and is only limited by your creativity! Use Adobe After Effects™, Apple Shake™, Apple Motion™, Combustion™, Photoshop™ and more. Intensity also includes an RGB QuickTime™ preview output for After Effects™ and Combustion™. And, you can always preview on the video-out interactively as you design, and then play pre-renders using real time ram preview. When rendering your project, processing quality using the Blackmagic codec is full 16 bit, so you always get the advantage of uncompressed video.

    Paint and Graphics
    Unlike HDV, where your graphics are scaled down to 1440 instead of the true 1920 of the HDTV television standard, Intensity allows for broadcast quality graphics to be included in your edit. Graphics always retain the full 1920 x 1080 resolution of the HDTV television standard, and this is where quality can be seen. Adobe Photoshop™ has become the tool of choice for broadcast designers worldwide because of its industry standard interface and powerful tool set. Intensity includes Photoshop™ plug-ins so you can capture still frames from the video input, and output graphics to the video-output with a simple menu click.

    Live Streaming
    Always get a clean uncompressed video source for your streaming files. Uncompressed source video also means you don’t waste CPU time de-compressing video on capture so all the computers CPU is free for compressing to streaming standards. You get faster rendering of your streaming files and more real time support. Intensity is compatible with all streaming software on Mac OS X™ and Windows XP™.

    DVD Authoring
    DVDs from uncompressed media are much higher quality, and as all media files used on Intensity are QuickTime™ or AVI, you get full compatibility with DVD authoring software. Use DVD Studio Pro™ or even iDVD™ on Mac OS X™ or Adobe Encore™ DVD software on Windows XP™ for powerful DVD creation.

    Portable Production
    If you have a location such as a music event in a small venue, you know how hard it can be to pack your equipment after the show. Blackmagic On-Air includes all recording and monitoring in one so you only need a single computer, 20 inch display, cameras and two Intensity boards. That's small enough to carry out of the venue in a single trip!

    Discovery Promos
    Scott Bryant of STEAM recently used his latest Blackmagic gear on two high profile spots for Discovery. It's appropriate that spots announcing Discovery's envelope-pushing HD micro-network were themselves created with the latest technology employed in a novel way.

    Free Software Updates
    Blackmagic Design are constantly adding new features to Intensity. Once you've purchased an Intensity, it’s going to keep getting better as we release new software updates. Updates are free and downloadable from our support page on this website.

    NTSC, PAL 720HD and 1080HD
    Intensity has been designed to instantly switch between NTSC (USA and Japan) and PAL ( Europe and Asia), as well as all 720HD and 1080HD standards. With a simple change of your settings you can have NTSC, PAL and HD media files on the same disk.

    The Flash
    Music Video
    Talyor Gahm is a much sought after award winning cinematographer/ video editor/ director among the US independent record labels. By using Blackmagic Design capture cards in his workflow, he is able to turn music video's into works of art.

    QuickTime™ Player and Windows Media Player
    Intensity media files are QuickTime™ on Mac OS X™ and AVI on Windows XP™, so you have the greatest compatibility with all types of video software. Even Apple QuickTime™ player and Windows Media Player™ can open and play back Blackmagic uncompressed media files.

    History Channel
    Scott Billups and his PixelMonger crew pride themselves on being able to go anywhere in the world and pull together high-level productions. While filming and producing for the History Channel, Scott was able to shoot with the Viper and capture footage right into the editing system. See how Scott used direct from camera shooting in his workflow, and how you can also benefit from these advanced techniques when using Intensity.

    Television is a Creative Industry
    The founders of Blackmagic Design are from the post production industry. With extensive experience in areas such as telecine engineering, where quality is everything, it's become our dream to make high quality video affordable. We are helping to turn the television industry from being equipment focused to becoming a more creative industry.

    The ultimate in real time and low cost television production. Blackmagic On-Air 2.0 combines a real time HD mixing console when used with two Intensity boards plugged into Apple Mac Pro systems for a complete live television production studio. On-Air is included free with every Intensity board.
    Fully Featured Television Studio
    Live production with multiple cameras is exciting, gives instant results, and has lower production costs than post event editing. Intensity is the ultimate editing tool when combined with Final Cut Pro, or Premiere Pro, however editing footage after an event has finished takes extra time.

    Now with Blackmagic On-Air, two Intensity boards plugged into the same system are instantly turned into a self contained two camera television studio featuring digital quality, direct recording to disk, graphics keying, and full camera monitoring.

    Professional Features
    Blackmagic On-Air includes features you would only see in a professional production studio. With two Intensity boards plugged into your system, you have two HDMI inputs to plug into two HDMI cameras such as the Sony HDR-HC3. The views of the cameras can then be seen live in the main On-Air window, along with a larger view of the mixer program output, and mixer/recording controls. Using two cameras allows greater creativity, as one camera can be getting a new shot, while the other camera is live. With a little practice, long duration shoots can be mixed and edited in real time live, so you get a complete finished production immediately.

    Use Anywhere, Anytime
    Blackmagic On-Air displays both cameras and functions in a single window, so you only need a computer with two Intensity boards, cameras and a single computer monitor for a complete portable studio. Use for public, and community television, sport events, weddings, live music, religious events, and many more. Now afford the high quality of a full resolution HDTV production studio. Blackmagic On-Air uses uncompressed video, or you can also select to record in compressed HD, allowing capture to the internal disk, eliminating the need for cumbersome disk arrays on location.

    Genlock Free Operation
    HDMI cameras don't have genlock inputs, so traditionally have never been usable in live mixing. However On-Air 2.0 includes a new auto frame synchronizer, allowing non genlock cameras to be synchronized together and live mixed. This means you can use affordable cameras such as the Sony HDR-HC3 camera with HDMI output for multi camera live events, in unprecedented HD uncompressed video quality. Because these new HDMI cameras are small, and work well in low light levels, they're perfect for indoor events such as bands and weddings. Just plug in the HDMI cable, and you're ready to go!

    Real Time and Flexible
    Only the power of live mixing allows you to complete an edit the moment the performance is complete. Imagine the extra creativity you bring to production of smaller community television or corporate video, and events such as religious gatherings or even weddings. HDMI extenders allow longer cable lengths so you can set up your equipment in another room. By separating yourself from the event, your crew can focus on the production and communicate with camera operators via wireless headsets without the noise and action of the event interfering.

    Integrated Mixing Interface
    Blackmagic On-Air features all your monitoring, mixing and recording from the single large application window. This allows better feedback between functions so your situational awareness is greatly enhanced - an absolute must in live production. When a camera is live, On-Air can display soft red "tally" border around the camera display. When recording, you can also enable a soft red border around the program display. Mixing can be operated by large animated buttons, or via the keyboard. With tally borders, you can keep your eye on the action, while knowing the status of the mixer and recording at all times.

    Blackmagic Design started the uncompressed video revolution in broadcast, and it’s now the standard way to work for thousands of people worldwide. Now HDMI cameras can be used for uncompressed editing with professional results.
    Uncompressed Video
    Formats such as HDV and DV use video compression for smaller and easier to manage files but which sacrifices image quality and in the case of HDV is not even the full 1920 x 1080 HDTV resolution. That means HDV is not really HD! Uncompressed video capture with perfect quality video, is now easy thanks to modern and fast computer hard disks. Uncompressed video won’t suffer from generation loss and always looks amazingly clean and sharp. Uncompressed video also renders faster, as you don’t waste CPU time with video compression. Now 100% of your CPU time can be used rendering your effects!

    Full Resolution
    Intensity uses full resolution HDTV which is a massive 1920 x 1080 pixels for every video frame. HDV only uses 1440 pixels wide due to the limitations of the small cassette tapes used, and the FireWire speeds build into the cameras. However new cameras being released such as the Sony HDR-HC3 with built in HDMI video output, allow access the raw uncompressed video from the CCD directly. That provides incredible quality. Or if you're capturing off HDV tape, you can still enjoy editing video in full resolution, so your graphics and effects look sharp, because only uncompressed video eliminates the horizontal scaling that’s required when rendering HDV footage with graphics and effects.

    Uncompressed or Compressed Video
    HDV and DV also use heavy compression. With HDV the compression is time based, which loads up system CPU as the editing software reassembles the video just to display each frame in the video. With Intensity you're working in uncompressed, so all CPU time is free for real time effects, and the system feels snappy and fast to use. Because uncompressed video in HD requires a fast disk array, to save cost, you can also choose compressed video that’s higher quality than HDV. For example you can use DV 100 codec on Mac OS X which is 4 times better quality than HDV, or on Windows you can choose our new full resolution JPEG codec.

    Higher Color Resolution
    HDMI doesn't use compression so you can record video without video compression, or choose a better compression more compatible with the work your doing. Unlike HDV and DV, which only has 4:1:1 color sampling, so your left with only 1-red and 1-blue video pixel for every 4 pixels in your image. HDMI uses 4:2:2 video which has twice the color resolution, so your video won’t suffer soft and smeared color.
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    Will Adobe Premier or other NLE accept uncompressed video for editing.


    if 1 hr of HDV = 13GB of MPEG2, how much disk space does 1 hour of HDMI channedl RAW HD video take up?

    I don't think there's a number that high Seriously, it'll be a ridiculous amount of space - 4GB per minute at 1920x1080 res

    A system requirment of the BM card is a fast disk array. Disk arrays (RAID 1 or RAID 10) by there nature offer faster READ times, but slower WRITE times. Is the disk array required for the writing of the raw data from the HDMI channle or for the NLE to have fast enough read speed to manage the enourmous RAW data.

    You'll want to use RAID 0 for the fastest performance and take your chances with losing data.

    The 1440x1080 .M2T Mpeg Files produced by the HV20 and HV30 look great. Don't discount this much more reasonable option.
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