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    Which app would U recommend for my process :
    I copied old VHS tapes to DVD with Sony DVD/VCR combo -
    I then edited them with VideoRedo then converted all the VOBs to one MPG2 file using AVS then back to VOBs with DVDsanta -
    I tried copying with out the MPG conversion but the burned DVDs did not work after editing -
    The video clarity is grainy, I was hoping to get an app that will adjust video quality; pixilation sharpness, color, contrast, etc. so I can burn it back to DVD -
    Also does all this multi conversion also dilute pic quality?
    Please excuse my Novice approach as this my first attempt -
    Which app and method would you recommend for my project -

    Thanks for Your assistance
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    A VOB is very basically just a MPEG in a VOB container. After VideoRedo finished the editing, you should still have that same MPEG from the VOB, just edited. At some point, it sounds like you have done a unnecessary re-encode. I would go back through your process and see where it went wrong. I suspect DVD Santa.

    You could also extract the MPEG from the original DVD with VOB2MPG, edit it, then re-author it to a DVD file. Unless your editor re-encodes the file, it should stay the same quality all through the process. That's the advantage of digital video. You just need a authoring program. Freeware, try GUI for dvdauthor. Payware, TMPGEnc DVD Author would be a easy payware option.

    And welcome to our forums.

    BTW, Bold and colored text doesn't improve the amount of responses here, it reduces them most times.
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