Has anyone run into DVD's that pause every 30-35 seconds on playback/transcode. Both playing and ripping are affected, but I thought this would be the best place to find a solution.

I'm using VLC to transcode from DVD to multiple formats, but this problem also happens with other ripping tools and players. The original DVD video pauses at approximately 30 second intervals when played in VLC and Windows Media Player, but plays fine in PowerDVD and WinDVD.

It only occurs with certain DVD's, all of which appear to have been captured directly from DV camera via FireWire. The video pauses, but the audio plays uninterrupted. The video actually speeds up slightly, then pauses, every 30-35 seconds. The problem remains when the DVD contents are copied to a local hard drive.

Strange things...

1) When the VOB file is played by itself in VLC, rather than playing as a DVD, the problem does not occur (this made me wonder if there was an issue with the IFO, until item #3).

2) When the VOB file is renamed to MPG, it also plays fine in VLC, but has additional problems in WMP (see #3).

3) When the MPG is rendered in GraphEdit, it pauses at the same spot as the DVD video, but the pause lasts much longer. Playback drops to one frame every several seconds. After many minutes, the video begins playing at an accelerated rate for a few seconds, then drops back to < 1FPS. At some points, the playback returns to normal speed, then speeds up, then pauses again. During this entire time, the audio seems to be playing back at the correct rate.

4) Rendering the same renamed MPG in GraphEdit with the Audio Renderer removed causes the playback rate to increase at the same point where it previously paused. At that point, the video begins to play back at 2-3x normal speed and remains at that speed.

Any insight into this will be eternally appreciated.