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  1. I have a number amount of small quicktime .mov files and I want to combine them as one so it can be like one big movie.How can i do this?
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  2. They have to be the same specifications (same size dimensions), otherwise will have to be re-encoded

    Try MPEG streamclip with the quicktime alternative plugin
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  3. How does it work.I mean how do you do it to make it work.
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  4. copy file #1 with control+c (or edit=>copy), control+v (or edit=>paste) into the second file. If you want to edit segments just use mark in/mark out

    Then file=> export to quicktime (or some other format if you want)

    I'm assuming you already set it up correctly (quicktime alternative); if you don't know how, go to the author's webpage and there are instructions there


    EDIT: if they are the same specs, an alternative would be to join them in YAMB
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