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  1. Hi,

    I have a bunch of AVIs (of various lengths/sizes) that I need to re-encode so that they take up less space. The after-size of any individual video doesnít matter, as long as the total size of the post-processed videos fits the target (although I would like them all to be of relatively equal quality).

    What is the best/easiest way to do that?

    Also, after they have all been shrunk, I need to join each one to another video. The original video has the same properties (size, frame-rate etc.), but obviously would have a different (higher) bitrate since I am shrinking these ones. Is that possible? Can you join two videos of differing bitrates?

    Thanks a lot.
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  2. Yes you can append 2 different bitrate videos, but the dimensions have to be the same

    I would open them up in order that you want in avidemux. Append the next one, the next one, so forth

    At the bottom you will see the accumlated running time, increasing as you add each video

    When you are done adding, select your video codec in the left sidebar (like xvid), but leave the "configure" option for now. You can add some filters if you want.

    Select your audio codec (like mp3), configure your bitrate, filters etc..

    Enter your format container (like avi)

    Push the calculator button, enter the final size (its a bitrate calculator) and it pretty much figures it out for you, press apply. Now if you double check the video configure button, you will have noticed the bitrate changed to whatever the calculator figured out.

    Press save with extension (e.g. "myfile.avi")

    There is less room for error when you simplify the process all in 1 step instead of shrinking each one some predetermined amount then appending them

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  3. Thanks. Iíll give that a shot tonight.
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