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  1. I have a model H10 DTV HD receiver. With an indoor antenna, I was able to recieve local HD stations and output thru HDMI and S-Video at the same time. This way I could connect both my HDTV and Capture card.

    However, since disconnecting from their service, the box no longer functions, saying no antenna connection found. It did continue to function with the outdoor dish connected but services not available, right before I moved.

    I could probably find a dish at a yard sale and disassemble it, just wondering if there is an easier work-around? Or if anyone knows if it will work with a completely not-in-service dish. The error message does say "no dish found" as oppossed to "no signal present", for whatever that means.

    Side note is that though I purchased this unit at Circuit City, DTV is telling me it belongs to them and is not my property.
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    Unless I'm mistaken, that is a DirecTV receiver. And yes, even though you bought the hardware, it becomes crippled if you discontinue DirecTV service. The same applies to users of the DVR's. If you cancel your service, all of the recorded shows stored on the DVR become unavailable.
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