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  1. I don't understand about these different versions of Flashget. I went to the Flashget website, and downloaded the latest version. If you type in the name of a movie in the upper right hand corner, you will be led to Google as if you typed in the movie name directly in Google. But I saw another version of Flashget (in Chinese) in which the same search operation leads to a list of movies in which (in China) can be gotten. I don't understand why the same software, but different version (not available on Flashget website), yields such a different result.
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    I see that there is this version, have you tried it ??


    -vhelp 4608
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  3. My computer doesn't render Chinese. During the install wizard of what you gave me, I get gibberish (see screenshot).
    I don't mind installing some kind of language pack to render Chinese, but I tried to do that (maybe I am doing the wrong thing) and Windows said I need a 230MB file to display Chinese. My hard drive isn't big and I am not willing to use up 230MB just to render Chinese. Is there some other way to render the Chinese, or should I just guess what buttons to press and continue with the Chinese installation? I probably could install and use it just by comparing the GUI interface to an English version. But, isn't there an English version of what you gave me? I looked everywhere on the web and could not find an English version that doesn't go to Google when you type in the name of a movie.

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