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    Hello everyone,
    I looked around and spent a lot of time reading information. Now is the time to ask...!

    I use DGIndex to prepare my d2v file and then open it in GordianKnot to crop it and deinterlace it, and I end up with an AVS file that I convert to avi with vfapi. I then work with that fake avi in vegas.

    Now I'm in Vegas 8. I make my color corrections and I'm ready to create the mpg and wmv files I need. But I also need a FLV file for the same video. What I currently do is encode to a very high quality AVI with Vegas, then open it in Adobe Flash Video Encoder to render the needed FLV. I find that the resulting avi is not awesome.

    I have found around here that it is impossible to render FLV with Vegas (correct me if I'm wrong). What would be the best way to render my video to a top quality file that I could use in the Adobe Flash Encoder Afterward? Or what is be the best avi encoder I could use in vegas?

    Other operation worries:
    - In GordianKnot: before saving my AVS, I use Bicubic Soft as Resize Filter and TomsMoComp as Field Operation, is it a good choice?

    - Field operation in DGIndex: I'm working with NTSC, should I use Honor Pulldown Flags or Forced Film? I read the DGIndex help file once and concluded that I had to choose Honor Pulldown Flags but in a guide here the author suggested to use Forced Film.

    - I find that the stock Sharpen filter in Vegas is crappy, any suggestions?

    Thanks for helping.
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  2. I just dumped Premiere Pro CS3 (and it's always crashing encoder).

    This works nice - rendering from Vegas 8 with MainConcept MPEG-2 then converting that file with MPEG Streamclip (free). Have found this works even better than Adobe Media Encoder (when it actually didn't crash).

    Of course you'll have to experiment with settings but you get the idea...

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