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    Tools required: Paint Shop Pro.

    1. Write your how to/guide with a text editor like Word,Notepad or something. Or you can use a html editor to make it with tables and stuff.

    2.Make screenshots but remember you must keep down the size, the max file size for each image is 50 KB (= 51200 Bytes). Use for example Paint Shop Pro and use it own capture utility, configure it under File->Import->Screen Capture->Setup and select capture Window.

    Export to png or gif or jpg and reduce to colors to about 64 and you can keep down
    the size, File->Export->Png Optimizer.

    Note! Max 50 KB (= 51200 Bytes) for each image.

    3. In your textfile add
    where you want your screenshots (you can use png,jpg and gif images but max 50 KB).

    4. Click on the new topic in the user guides forum and copy and paste the text into the message body and choose a good Subject.

    5. Add the images by selecting them under UPLOAD IMAGES, if you have more than 5 images you add them later by clicking on edit button on your guide.

    Note! Max 50 KB for each image and the image filenames must be in lower case!.

    6. Submit the guide. You can easily edit and add more images by clicking on the edit button on your guide.

    Note If you preview the guide YOU wont see any images. Post the guide and if something is wrong just click on the edit button to fix it.

    Remember that you probably will get some both bad and good feedback about your guide...but you can always update your guide or if you dont like it remove it.

    We will also link to your guide in the main How To sections and on the main vcdhelp page and it will then look something like this or

    If you don't want people to reply directly in your guide I can make the topic closed. Just email or private msg me then.
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    Hi Baldrick,
    will it be possible to use Flash in the message body?
    Some screencapture software use Flash, and it's very useful to demo like this, especially when sound is involved.
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  3. Me thinks Flash would exceed the 50 k limit ... How about all our dial up friends? in Northern Finland .... Central Australia .... Upper Tasmania ? :P
    Looking for subtitles of: Hk tt0997023, Lime tt0269480, La cl sur la porte tt0077348. Found Desideria tt0081724 subtitle! :-)
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    wrong post
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  5. Sil3ncer
    I've made a guide in MS Word. I want to post it here but the problem is, the images were not imported into word. Meaning I screenshots them using the Print Screen key on my keyboard and then pasted it directly into the word document. In this case, how do I go about posting the guide?
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    Do you save the document as a PDF or .doc before posting here? Saving it as a PDF might help preserve the images. Thanks for trying to share it here! We look forward to seeing it!
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