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  1. Greetings,

    Im a total noob at this so ill try to be as clear as i can to describe my problem.

    I recently bought a ipod touch 16g and i tried to convert my videos collection on it but sadly i did a batch convert and when playing on my crt tv, image is missing top and bottom part. Since its japanesse shows with sub, its a major pain, cant see the sub anymore lol.

    I used Super most recent release, i made a preset for this, settings were;

    mp4 - h264AVC (baseline, level 1.1) - AAC sound (48kHz, 2 channels, 128 kbps)
    640x480 res - 4:3 ratio - 23.976 fps - 960kbps -bframe off

    im using the stupid(and pricey) apple's cord to connect it via my tv. Its probably a resolution problem, or maybe i need to crop? If someone can enlighten me id be forever gratefull
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  2. The problem is that televisions overscan the image. You never see the outer ~5 percent of the frame on all four sides. Search the forums for overscan and subs. You'll find hudreds of posts regarding this issue and fixes.
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  3. Thanks
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