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    This information is certainly available out there, but I didn't find it back when I was working on solving it, so I wrote up my notes as a little guide.

    The goal: Take Blu-Ray discs and archive them to my file server, then stream them to the PS3 in full HD.

    Limitations: This guide goes over AVC encoded discs, not VC-1 or MPEG2

    The process: I'm using Cars, an AVC encoded blu-ray disc.

    Cars is an AACS protected Blu-Ray title from Disney. The following
    guide is what can be done to rip the film onto a file server, then
    serve the video to a Playstation 3.

    Software used:
    a. AnyDVD HD from Slysoft, to remove AACS protection
    b. TsRemux v.0.0.20
    c. Twonky

    Step 1: Rip the disc.
    I used a Phillips SPD7000P Blu-Ray drive with AnyDVD HD. Right click
    the AnyDVD HD icon, and select rip video to disk. I let it do its
    thing, and it ripped all 38.5 gigs off the disc.

    Step 2: Locate the movie.
    Looking at the raw video data, in CARS_USA/BDMV/STREAM/, I picked out
    the largest video file. 00060.m2ts, 28.5GB.

    Step 3: Re-mux the video.
    Open up TsRemux. Load up 0060.m2ts, and set an output file
    name of your choice. I chose something descriptive -
    "Cars avc lpcm.m2ts".

    A box will be populated with the elementary
    streams found on the ripped data. Choose "AVC Video Stream #17"
    and "Dolby Digital Audio Stream #1". Choose "M2TS" as the output
    format. Keep other options as their defaults. Press the "Remux"
    button, and let it go.

    Optionally, you can select the "Lossless PCM Audio Stream # 0" instead
    of the Dolby Digital audio track for lossless audio glory, but it
    will cost you about 6GB of size in the end file (27GB vs. 21.3GB).

    Step 4: Load it in TwonkyMedia.
    I used TwonkyMedia 4.4.4, installed in a VMWare client on my file
    server, but it can be run on most modern Windows machines. I
    shared a network directory where I had the file and set up other
    configuration options in Twonky.

    You can certainly use other programs to serve the media, or copy it
    to the playstation 3 itself. In my case, I use my file server as
    a media server.

    Step 5: Find other content.
    In the Cars case, there are a couple of other interesting files in
    there for the kids - the shorts. 00036.m2ts is "Matar and the Ghost
    Light", 00037.m2ts is "One Man Band", a pixar short, 00038.m2ts is
    the "Epilogue", and 00052.m2ts is "Bounding Cars", a Cars-oriented
    version of an old Pixar short.

    This other content is all in either AVC or mpeg2 format with a single
    audio track which will stream to the PS3 without any remuxing, as
    the main film needed.
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    shouldn't this be in some sort of ripping section?? this section is for conversion to AVI/MP4/MKV/WMV...
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    Moving to Blu-ray to Blu-ray Forum.
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