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  1. When i try to watch tv or free movies on line ,and click to go full screen, it opens ok but kind of freezes and the screen starts flip, 1 frame at a time as in a slide show ,but audio still plays.Some open ok.the tv shows on fox or abc shows open full ok ,but cbs and nbc freeze some what and flip. I can watch some free movies on line ok. divx,or veoh always open full.Thy all open in the small player.Tanks for any help you can give me on this. Xbill

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  2. It is likely that your internet bandwith is insufficient, or the hosting website's bandwith is insufficient.

    The other possibility is that your computer is too slow/old, but this would depend on the specifications the video being played.
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  3. I had 2.62 Mbps on last download test. that should be good? they are flash i think.
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