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    I gave up on finding the elusive RICOHJPN R02 / RICOHJPN R03 media coded discs, so I've been looking for another type of disc for long term storage / playback of backed up movies. I saw this disc as being "premium grade" on the website I found them on, so I decided to buy them. I was wondering if anyone out there that has had long term experience (at least 6 months of usage) can tell me if this disc is reliable. I recently bought a pack of 100 of them and have been backing up various flicks on them. I want to know if they're stored for a few months, then pulled out to use to make copies off of, or to view if they will give me freezing and skipping during playback, or worse yet, give the "no disc" message when played in the DVD player.
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    You've been had. CMC makes some of the worst media on the planet.
    Take a look at
    Their DVD+R discs are apparently only "bad" as opposed to the "horribly bad" DVD-R discs they make.

    One of my friends uses CMC made DVD-Rs and I can say hands down that those are the worst DVD discs I have ever seen. No, CMC made media is in no way reliable. Why didn't you ask BEFORE buying? A 100 pack? Yikes! I'd throw them in the trash. If you use them, you honestly need to be prepared for anything burned on them to have errors, be unplayable, be difficult to impossible to copy, etc.

    Around here we recommend Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden because they are the only brands that are reliably good. Other brands that used to use first rate manufacturers like TDK and Sony (at least in terms of what both sell in the USA) have now outsourced their discs to less reliable companies and the quality has gone downhill.
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