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  1. Dear All,

    I have a curious question before I eventually purchase my HD TV.

    Currenlty I'm streaming various files from my PC (Using Tversity) to my PS3 to watch via the TV... I also know there are HD files (H.264 I think) available, so lets says the software I'm using supports HD (using the ffdshow), and the PS3 supports HD, and the TV supports HD, will I be getting HD streaming?

    Ultimatley I don't want wires across the room (using DVI to HDMI) so I want to stay Wireless?

    Anybody know if the ultimate wiressless setup, PC-PS3-TV, to enable me to watch HD?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Yep, you will get HD streaming but it wont work with all kind of video containers like mkv. If you have a mkv you must convert to mp4 or vob or m2ts using gotsent or mkv2vob or manually using mkvtoolnix, yamb, tsmuxer.

    And visit
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