Well hello everyone.....i have been looking around the web for anyone with the same issues as i am having and i cannot find anyone that is having the same problems...hope someone can help me.

Well i am using the turbo.264 encoder to encode a 1 hour long episode of new amsterdam the television show. i am using the software that came with the encoder.(have also tried mpeg streamclip).

These are the settings i am using.

Profile: Apple TV
Size: Automatic
Aspect Ratio: Automatic
Overscan: Off
Frame Rate 23.976
Data Rate: Custom 3000 kbps

Sample Rate: 48.000
Channels: Stereo
Data Rate: 160 kbps

Basically the problem i am having is once the encode is done i tag it and import the file into itunes for watching on my apple tv. i sit down on my couch to watch the show and about 20 minutes into the show it looks extremely pixelated. this lasts for about 10 minutes where it returns to looking normal. If the file is long enough it will happen again because this happened when i was watching some movie i encoded the other day as well. I really am at a loss about this I have looked all around the web and cannot find another person even remotely having the same problem as myself.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.