Just reading threads from this new section of this forum is giving me lots of knowledge. Thanks! But I still call for some more insight here.

I have several clips encoded to H.264, High Profile, Level 4.1. Many of them are encoded to anamorphic (PAR 8:9), A/R 4:3, rez 720x480, fps 29.97, progressive frames (I'm in NTSC-land). The audio is in AAC stereo, but let's assume I have an LPCM encoded version of them as well for now.

Looking at the BD specs on this site, these files seem compliant within the scope of SD for BD. I know for a fact that if these files were in MPEG-2 with such a resolution, A/R, and FPS, they can be authored to DvD without any re-encoding - only muxing the streams to .vob, etc.

Would it be the same assumption with H.264 to BD? Will it be that simple, or is there something I'm missing out on?

I'm particularly interested in knowing if I have to re-encode, or hopefully not, to get them on a BD disc. Or even so, what can I do to properly prepare them now for the day I author them to BD?

I'm using H.264 since the thought of getting up to 50 hours of good quality SD video to one 50GB BD disc is appealing to me.

Thanks for reading.