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  1. I need some tool that can convert DV AVI to QuickTime MOV file (same DV codec) without re-encoding original AVI file so I can edit in Final Cut Pro on Mac. I need something that can just change "container" from AVI to MOV and leave video and audio intact.

    Recapturing on Mac is impossible because I don't have original tapes any more and I don't want to edit AVI because it is not "native" FCP format and I heard it can be problematic with AVIs...
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    Do you only have a Mac, or do you have a PC available to you ?

    Mpeg Streamclip would be the obvious choice. It runs on either platform and should be able to do this.
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  3. I have PC now and Mac will be available to me in a day or two. I already tried that tool on PC and it only converted few minutes - resulting video was blank!?!
    Maybe version on Mac will do the job but Mac will available to me later so I can't try there...

    Also, in Streamclip I need to set parameters of encoding - ad that can force re-encoding if I don't set them propperly which is almost impossible for some settings (like DV quality etc.)... if one of settings is different than from source AVi, file vill be encoded again

    Is there any tool that can simply demux AVI and remux as MOV?
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