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  1. How i could do it in good way , I just needed to save some good youtube movies to watch it later on the PC .. I think its Orbit who will do it ..

    But Orbit even last version i downloaded today dose nothing all its gives me is an error and no movie has been saved.

    Just any one has experience with this please let me know...........

    Thanks everyone.
    No Pain, No Gain.
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  2. Did you read the sticky right above you?
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    There is a shareware program called videoget it works really good.
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    a ff tool called unplug

    and sothink flv/swf video capture

    and the website
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  5. Actually you don't need to install any software if you don't want to

    Youtube videos are saved to your temporary internet files directory if you let them load completely.

    1) Just clear out the existing stuff to allow easy identification of the new youtube file (internet options => delete temporary internet files)

    2) Go to the youtube page, let it load

    3) Check the temp internet files directory. Copy the new .flv file to your desktop (or wherever) and rename it to whatever you want.

    The benefits of some of the programs listed above include queing, automation of the process, and some even encode to avi for you

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