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    I love the idea of Combo HD DVD's , but I rented one the other day.
    I think it was Breach and it had the sticker around the core that said
    This side up (A) HD DVD other side up (B) Region 1.

    So I put it in with the sticker around the core face up, and it turned
    out that was the standard version. I had to switch to side B to watch HD DVD.

    I have since then bought a large supply of HD DVD Discs some Combos.

    Should I put them in the Player with the sticker around the
    the core face up for HD? It still says Superman Returns This Side Up (A) HD DVD other side up (no Sticker Region 1 DVD.)

    Is it like that on all my Combo HD DVD's. Could Someone please
    Clarify this for me. Maybe it was just a Mistake on that one disc
    I rented.

    Please I need help on this one....
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    You could answer your own question by trying a different disc..
    I am just a worthless liar,
    I am just an imbecil
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    I have a few of these combo HD DVDs. For all the ones I have, if you play it sticker side up, the HD DVD side plays. What you had was probably a mistake.
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