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  1. Hello,

    I've just captured a music video from a promotional VHS with my standalone dvd recorder.

    Here how I do it

    VCR -> DVD Recorder. I set it for the source as a "VHS source". My capture is done in HQ mode (max bitrate).

    Now, I transfered the video to my pc to improve it a bit.

    I have some color shifting wich I can correct with filters.

    But I just have one question, I process all in avisynth.

    In the menu Video => YUV->RGB I have the coice between PC Scale or TV Scale.

    Which one do I need to choose ?

    Another advice ? Witch IDCT is the best to select ? I choose IEEE-1180 Reference

    The final video is to be burned to a dvd.

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  2. Hi-

    Use PC Scale except under some very specific and rare circumstances.

    I use the Skal IDCT which is, I believe, default. Technically though, IEEE-1180 Reference is the best. There's more here in questions 4 and 7:

    Your questions are also answered in the included DGIndexManual.
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