Well, I got a new labtop recently and thought I could get higher quality with my old Dazzle DVC 80. The device isn't that good and it dropped alot of frames on my old XP computer(it didnt have much ram anyway). But my Vista is much faster but there is only one problem: Dazzle 80 is not compatible with Vista. The video doesnt even come up with I run Pinnacle 9.4. But I did some testing yesterday and it worked in Virtualdub. The quality was much better than what Pinnacle had but there was another problem with the sound. It sounded as if I recorded the tv by pointing a camcorder at it. The sound was muffled and very low. But I could ACTUALLY here myself on the playback. I heard sounds I made and everything. But how could this be? I used no microphones or anything. The dazzle connects using audio and video so shouldn't the sound come directly from the tv? Does Virtualdub not support audio capturing? Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks