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  1. I have a Video-Collection on my 5G iPod 60GB, but I made them with Quicktime yet, in 320x240 - that was before the firmware-update. Now I want to re-encode everything for a better quality and smaller size.
    I only used to make Futurama in H.264 - other things I did in MPEG4 with 3ivx: For Example Star Trek Enterprise cropped (was letterboxed 4:3) to 640x360 - or DVD 2.35:1 in 720x3xx or somethings like that.

    Now I want Futurama in 480x360 and a little bigger files, or the same and 16:9 stuff in 720x405 and all H.264 encoded with x264. I already got a very good result for Futurama (the source are MPEG2-files with 192 kbit mp2 Audio - recorded from TV as DV - encoded to MPEG2 as preparation for DVDs). So the 480x360 Futurama Tests looks MUCH better as the Quicktime one at the same size. Finally a working method to get x264-encoded Videos to the iPod!
    I only wonder, why Audio is preset to 96 kbit, I set it to 128 - also Bitrate for Video I used 800 - I may try a little smaller, the quality is so fine. I watched a Quicktime-encoded one with the same file size, there are WORLDS between.

    But now the BIG problem: Futurama Videos won't get smaller (the old ones are about 96 MB in 320x240) and the iPod is pretty much full - so I first need to re-encode Star Trek Enterprise, BUT: Those Videos are letterboxed, so I need to crop top and bottom from the 720x576 to get 720x405 - then it also must be the correct Aspect Ratio. But always when I try to do that, a window pops up: "x264 did unexpectedly quit. blabla" Options: "Send Report to Apple..", "Ignore", "Restart" - like a normal app crashes. And there is a 0 kb File.

    So what do I need to do? Is it maybe the problem, what I enter? I entered to crop 86 pixels top and bottom, that would make 720x404, but I entered 720x405 - or should I enter 720x576 still? Or is 86 wrong anyway? I am not 100% sure, because 720x576 is watched in 768x576... maybe also the numbers 72 (top/bottom) are right...
    I'll try some other numbers, but I am pretty sure it still won't work. It seems that there simple is a BUG!!

    AND: I want ALL my H.264 Video to also work on the PS3. So far everything works just fine, all the MPEG4s made with 3ivx (that is standard MPEG4 like from Quicktime, but 4x better Quality at same size - just like QT-H264 and x264) and also all the 320x240 H.264 Videos. I just had to rename everything from .m4v to .mp4 and of course take out Files of .mov Containers in mp4-Containers. But as far as the old ones work, I guess the PS3 can play all H.264-files, the iPod can. Can anyone agree with this?

    It needs to be fixed. I also tried a DV-Source: The same thing. That's bad. And about the bitrate: I select Dualpass-Encoding. Is 800 kbit ok, or may it be able that this rate will result in an error?

    I would use handbrake, it also is based on x264 (I NEED this codec) - but it's a lot of work to make fake DVDs out of the .m2v and .mp2 files, just for re-encoding, that stinks. And I am still to lazy to finish the Enterprise DVDs, although I have all 99 episodes, except of one (there I have to wait with the DVD) - I recoreded it, but somehow lost the Video-File, only Audio (German) is left. I made it the size, so that on one Single-Layer Disc fit 4 episodes.

    Thank you very much in advance!
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  2. Sorry, now it works with 720x400 and cropping 74 top 74 bottom, instead of 720x405 72/72 - I guess, because 405 is no multiply of 8 - right?

    But Handbrake works too! I found out that I can quickly make .ts Files with MPEG Streamclip, they can be read be Handbrake...

    I may try 720x404, maybe a multiply of 4 is enough, so I have the correct ratio... sadly Handbrake only makes steps of 16 Pixels, so you often cannot select the correct resolution.
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