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    I was in a bar and saw that on the 42" LCD TV, the live TV feed from DirecTV was reduced in size to about 37" and was positioned in the bottom left had corner. The rest of screen area around the feed was then displaying advertisements. These were done in flash and would cycle continuously.

    All of the components were in a black box - inside that was a mac mini, but there must have been some hardware that intercepted the signal, and some software that was doing the TV resize and overlay.

    Any suggestions on how it was done?

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    google for "mac mini media center".
    It is a common mod that many people do
    with Intel Core Duo minis.

    You'll also can look over at the direct tv forums,
    seems I might have read one or two threads of people
    creating media centers using bootcamp, mac minis, and
    windows media center installs.
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