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    I need to split a DVD (basically VOB file) into various movie clips (AVI or WMV) based on the timestamp info in the DVD's subtitle file. The DVD i have is such that the timing info is written to the DVD each time the videographer hits pause on a camcorder when filming a movie. In this scenario, each pause represents the end of one movie clip and the beginning of the next movie clip, and creates timestamp mark on the movie. So, when capturing video, the first timestamp would be the Start of the first movie clip, second timestamp the end of the first movie clip and Start of the Second movie clip, and so on.

    Anybody with ideas? Your assistance will be much appreciated.
    void izmoto(char* szKwazi);
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  2. Various editors will work with an EDL file, or Edit Decision List. Formats vary somewhat but usually a simple In and Out list in seconds or frames, Cuttermaran or VideoRedo will do this. Conversion to available time format should not be too tedious unless you have a bunch to do. If so a little macro or small conversion prog should be fairly easy.

    For editing VOB directly, not sure but VideoRedo may work with VOB files. Others would require MPG or seperate mp2 and m2v files.

    Take a look at ComSkip, it utilizes EDL files for several different cutters.
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