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  1. i have cut mpegs with tmpgenc without problems. But tmpgenc does not cut at the EXACT spot you might set it. Rule of Thumb - cut at a scene change, not during action or conversation
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    Sounds excelent since I'd be doing the cut at the commercial. Anyway I figured out a fix to my bigger problem of not being able to properly rewind my XVCD. You see when you make an XVCD using TMPGEnc it screws up the time somehow so that even if you open it in media player it'll say that it's longer than it really is in the lenght of the video (proportional to the new bitrate) and then when you try to move through the file other than just by playing it the program freeses. This problem was also there when I'd play it on my DVD player and it simply manifested itself by having the sound cut off whenever I would ff or rew through the file. Found a fix for it. Basically you just have to get the sound and video seperate and then multiplex it. Odly you can take a bad XVCD, demultiplex it and remultiplex it without changing anything and it'll fix it. Kind of retarded but it'll work. Anyway thanks for the tip. It'll come in handy if I want to break my files up and add menus or something.
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