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  1. hey whats up?
    I am having a slight problem with the tmpg encoder and quicktime files. i got the pluggin for tmpg, but when it encodes it does not do the sound. It acts like it does but i get no sound, so i import the quicktime clip into quicktime itself and then export saving it AS "SOUND TO WAV"(to be later encoded and remuxed with tmpg). So that is ok, BUT what about files that are copy protected? I have one now (for the upcoming lord of the rings) and since it is protected i caanot extract the sound in quicktime to use in tmpg. Also it seemed tmpg froze, (more or less stopped) after a few minutes of trying to encode this file. Can anyone help me out? the older mov2avi did not work. thanks again--
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  2. I had the same problem when i had Quicktime 5 on my machine.
    When I removed it and installed 4.1.2 the conversions worked like a charm. Perfect sound and even better video. The video was more pixalated when i did the conversion with quicktime 5 installed.
    I now have the entire 'Hire' film series from on a pair of XSVCDs. They look great played in my Apex 703.

    If you need quicktime 4.1.2 look at any software you may have bought recently. I found it on an adaptec drivers cd i had gotten recently.
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  3. I have The Hire too, Star and Ambush are my favorites, Clive Owen is my hero.
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  4. thanks TON,
    but the version of quicktime i have is the 4.1.2 I ordered it on cd from apple a long time ago. If thier is anything else i can try, short of using snagit to snatch up the sound. please let me know, thanks agAIN
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