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  1. How can I check to see if a DVD is 480p or 480i?

    That is to say, what is the easiest way to check?

    While we're on this topic, are the Region 1 DVDs in the Season 1 Box Set for Jericho 480p?
    Oh, and if not, is there any word on when they'll be released (if ever) on BluRay or HD-DVD?

    I'm debating on wether or not I should go ahead and buy the DVDs, or if I should wait for a HD-DVD or Bluray release.

    I've spent a couple of hours googling about what's written in this post, without much luck.

    I even tried looking for an online List or Database that says witch DVDs are 480p and witch are 480i, but I didn't find any.
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    g-spot. If the pics per second is 23.976 and the fps is 29.970 then you have 480p with pulldown. If the pics and frames per second are both 29.970 then you have interlaced. That's about as close as you get without actually going through the video frame by frame. It's not 100% accurate, and doesn't work for PAL video. But it's close enough most of the time.

    All of this is moot if your player doesn't support progressive output and your TV can't play progressive output.
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