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    Background: I've got the R1 version of the RahXephon movie with a faulty Japanese audio track. I ripped the AC3 file from it, and then I found a ISO of the R2 Japanese DVD and ripped the AC3 file from it and trimmed it to fit identically to the R1 version's file (in terms of timing, length, etc). The question is: How the heck to I replace the bad audio AC3 from the original with the good audio AC3? I've already ripped the DVD to my hard drive and removed all copy protection with DVD Decrypter.

    The DVD's file structure is:


    with VTS_02_*.VOB files being the main feature which contains the video, audio, and subtitles. Could someone walk me through swapping out the audio? It needs to be ABSOLUTELY transparent in terms of operation (won't damage the existing menu structure, subtitles, etc.)
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  2. Hi-
    You demux the movie using PGCDemux. Make sure you check the "Demux Video Stream" box so you get the M2V. You remux/reauthor using Muxman, replacing the original audio with your new one. You add the chapters by opening the celltimes.txt in File->Import Chapter. Add in the M2V, the new audio, and the subtitles. When done, you'll have a DVD of the movie only. To get it back into the original DVD, retaining the menus and anything else you want to keep, open the original complete DVD in VobBlanker. Highlight the VTS_02 so that you see it in the lower window. Highlight the movie in the lower window and hit the "Replace" button to the right. Scroll to your new and fixed DVD Muxman made for you and hit the VTS_01_0.IFO. Give it an Output Folder and Process.

    And this may still not give you an in-synch audio track. Hope for the best, and if it's out-of-synch when done, fix it and do it again.

    And I'm not quite sure why you prefer doing all this work to just keeping the Japanese DVD. It's also NTSC and the region coding has been removed. Does it not have English subtitles?
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    Nope, no English subs. And no subbed extras either.
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    OK, I did exactly as detailed (and then shrunk it via DVDShrink since it the original was a DVD9 and I only have SL blanks available. When I burn it and watch it on my PC (via Cyberlink PowerDVD 7.3) it works perfectly, but when I play it on my standalone player (Toshiba SD-3990) it goes crazy and won't load menus and jumps to random points. Did I do something wrong?
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  5. Hi-
    Did I do something wrong?
    I wouldn't know, since there's not a whole lot of information in that post. However, there is some evidence that your player is kind of temperamental, especially when it comes to media:

    But it could be something you did or didn't do in Muxman, VobBlanker, DVD Shrink, or something with your burning program, your media, or the player.

    I'd first try it out in some other players, if possible, like over at some friends' houses if you don't have any other players at your house. The fact that it plays fine in PowerDVD tells me the DVD itself is OK. Then, if you didn't use ImgBurn to burn the DVD, I'd try that next. After that I'd make darned sure I had some decent media. I've used that method for maybe 1500 DVDs and never had a problem. But then I have a good player.
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  6. I just replaced audio tracks that only had sound from the left channel (old mono 8mm Video Camera to DVD recorder transfer) with a dual mono track I created/enhanced for each title. There were 6 in total.

    I used DVD Lab Pro rather than Muxman though, as I wanted to change a few chapter points.

    Is there a quicker way within DVD Lab to do this instead of having to compile 6 DVD's seperately for insertion with Vobblanker?

    BTW the source was only analog to DVD recorder but there were nifty menus made for them, hence why I didn't want to re-author... if only an audio splitter was used at the time of transfer! Oh well - I learned something indeed
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