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    Open your AVI in ffmpegX. Load the .srt file using the Load Subs button in the Filters tab. Use the Preview button in the lower right of the Filters tab to preview the settings in a mplayer window.

    Things that can go wrong:
    - the .srt should look like this when opened in a text editor. If it looks different, then the file is in a different format.
    - Text encoding set in ffmpegX should match the settings for the .srt file. For 'western' languages subtitles (including english and spanish), the default ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1) should be okay, as that is nearly identical to the Windows-1252 code page, which seems to be most common.
    - line endings should be DOS/Windows style: CR+LF. Editing with TextEdit can result in mixed line endings, with unwanted results.

    If you p.m. me the URL of the .srt, then I could perhaps have a look at it?
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    Isn't the mencoder preset used when embedding subtitles into an AVI?

    you also might try Jubler as it seems to understand (and convert) from one sub format to another.
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