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  1. I need a DVD authoring program to create simple DVDs for some projects I'm busy with.

    My source videos are provided to me on DVDr so extract the VOBs to my hard drive. I already have an application that allows me to edit the VOBs (i.e. cut sections, apply fades and transitions between scenes etc). I then save the project as VOB files.

    Features I need:

    1. Import videos direct from VOBs
    2. Import several individual videos as seperate titles
    3. Create chapters in each title
    4. Create a simple menu (add my own background image, display volume title, list titles)

    The application I use for editing does a great job but when it comes to authoring it isn't very good. I don't need anything fancy, just to be able to burn compilations as specified above. Please don't suggest Nero as I've used that for a long time now and I'm sick of the little problems I keep having with it.
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    TMPGEnc DVD Author should be able to do all that you list. It will also do the cutting of sections so you don't have to do that beforehand.

    However, I don't believe it will do the fades and transitions.
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  3. I'll try it, thanks for the quick reply. I'd rather do all the editing separately anyway.
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