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  1. I have some music videos, encoded in xvid, which with most programs, play the audio about 2 seconds out of sync.

    Quicktime and MPlayer OSX play it wrong. VLC plays it right.

    I've been seeking something that will let me convert it from these .avi files to something else where I can get it to have the sound right.

    VisualHub has a force decode with VLC mode, which when used, drops the sound track entirely, so it's no use..

    Everything else I try just encodes with the wrong time sync.

    I'm looking for something that will let me adjust the audio offset. (frankly, a pc program that'll do it will be fine at this point).

    Anyone got any thoughts?

    EDIT Whoever did the original rips on these files added a credit tag, which is what's screwed it up.

    I've taken to extracting the audio track, then using Quicktime Pro to lop off the 4 seconds (not 2 i found) of the credit tag, then adding back the track to the untouched video, then vobing the whole thing.

    It's a bit cumbersome, and I'd love to figure out why vlc does the original files right, whereas Quicktime and MPlayer and bunches of other decoders don't, but on the plus side, I get rid of the credit tags (have I mentioned how much I despise credit tags?)
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  2. As long as you have X11 installed, avidemux can do this very well. My usual method is to find out the degree of alteration necessary with VLC (using the g & f keys during playback) and then entering the correct values in avidemux, though IIRC the values are inverted, i.e. + becomes -.

    As VLC plays your files back correctly I'm not sure how you'll find the necessary values other than trial and error. You'd probaly be best off making a short clip with MPEG Streamclip and experimenting with that.
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    Try QT Sync (which may be found here )
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  4. thanks ffooky...I'll look into avidemux. (going manual with QTPro...using calculator to figure out how many frames rather than seconds to lop off , then running the .mov container thru Visual Hub to .vob em worked rather well).

    Rumple: I tried QTSynch...the resulting files I got from it had the same weird time synch problem.

    I'm not sure how the original encoder did it, winding up with video tracks that were longer than the audio. Very weird.
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  5. Hello,

    SimpleMovieX has a AV sync feature, and is able to write the file back to AVI container without re-encoding.

    I'm the developer of this app, please let me know if it works fine for you.

    Regards, BJ
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