Hello I've got my Canon MiniDV camcorder hooked up to the new Toshiba RD-XS35 so I can record from VHS using the pass through but I can't get it to record.

I've got the VCR connected to the camcorder using s-video/audio L&R.
The camcorder is connected to the RD-XS35 using firewire.

When I go to Edit>DV on the Toshiba, the picture from the vcr/camcorder shows up but it won't let me record. I get a message that says "Check DV tape" when I press record. There is no tape -- I'm trying to pass the signal through.

Can I do it?

Edit: I use that same setup to record on the Philips 3575 and it works like any other input.
The Toshiba makes it way more complicated.