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  1. I tried searching and found a reference to yamb but wan't able to import the files

    What I would like to do is edit mpeg4 files that I download as wmv ideally with out recompressing them
    Any suggestions would be really appreciated

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    mpeg4 files? mp4? No you can't just edit a mp4 file and save as wmv without recompressing.
    Or do you mean edit wmv files? Then use asfbin or movica.

    And this is not any dvd to conversion. Moving you.
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  3. Hello mrready,

    this seems to be a little confused. mpeg4 is a class of compression, as implemented in the codecs for DivX, XVid and H.264 (among others). MP4 is a container format like AVI, that is, a kind of file format. You can have an AVI with mpeg4 compressed data inside, or an MP4 with mpeg4 compressed data, but these containers could contain also differently compressed data. WMV is a specialty of microsoft and describes a compression and a file format.

    If you want to cut AVI, use VirtualDub (frame-accurate without recompressing with V.1.7 or later, use SmartRendering) or Avidemux.
    If you want to cut MP4, use MP4Box (can cut only on keyframes)
    If you want to cut WMV, use AsfBin (frame-accurate without recompressing with V.1.5 or later, use -rkf option)

    A simple GUI (graphical user interface) for these programs is Cut Assistant. Another GUI (only for AsfBin) would be Movica.

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  4. for editing without re-compressing avi files Virtualdub will be the best. For wmv files Movica, though still in beta stage, is the best so far, and it is free, just like VirtualDub
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