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    I've been making videos for years, and came accross one that is 20 or so years old. It's a production that I edited using my ancient "camcorder" from the old times and my old VHS player (using basic stop and go editing - 20 years ago lol).

    However, part of the original "edit" containts parts which I did in slow motion. These slow-motion segments are INCREDIBLY "jittery". Now that I've ripped the entire VHS to DVD format, can I filter these slow motion scenes? or somehow do ANYTHING to remedy this? FYI - AUDIO is no problem at all- I'll be redoing the entire audio later.

    Has there been a thread about this? if so could someone please lead me to it, or perhaps give me any input you could. I'll be checking in regularly (very often).

    btw, unfortunately the original footage before my editing (2o years ago) is gone - why didnt I save it!!!!! lol

    Thanks so much.


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    AcesOfClubs, Do not post the same topic on several forums.
    Please do not cross post, once is enough. If you wish a topic moved, PM a Mod.

    Continue in:

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