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  1. Hi.

    I want make a DVD with the follow:

    Video track = 1:30:00
    Audio track 0 (english) = 1:30:00
    Audio track 1 (portuguese) = 1:20:00
    Subtitle track 0 (portuguese) = 1:30:00

    I want when audio track 1 end change to track 0 and activate subtitle track 0.
    Is possible? On Menu button can make this?

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    No possible unless you cut the video into two parts, or edit the audio into a single track.

    The simplest solution is to add the missing ten minutes to the end of the audio track, use Subtitle Workshop or similar to extract the subtitles for this section and to delay the start to match the new audio. Assemble in DVD Lab Pro or DVD Workshop Pro.

    But you cannot have the audio automatically switch tracks.
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