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    Is there a way to rip a public-domain conventional dvd which has multiple audio tracks and subtitle sets and, of course, chapters and a menu, into a Divx 6 file which preserves all the audio tracks, subtitle sets as well as chapter points and menu?

    I currently use CloneDVD2 to make backups of dvds. It makes it child's play to select just the content from the original dvd that I want and ignore the rest. However, it only outputs (1) burned conventional dvd, (2) iso image of the original or (3) copies desired VOBs to the hard drive. I also use, occasionally, CloneDVDMobile, which will easily create divx files, but only divx 5, with no support for menus, chapters, subtitles or multiple audio tracks.

    What I want is something which is as easy to use as CloneDVD2, but which will output a Divx 6 file with menus, chapters, subtitles and audio tracks. I seek this, because I'm ready to create a video fileserver in my home with full-featured backup copies of every film I own, but I don't want to lose features or resolution, but I'd rather store each file in a about 1gb +/-, instead of the 5-8gb that most originals.

    Does such a tool exist? At any price?
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    DivX Author ( ) should allow you to convert your DVD to Divx 6 with all the audio tracks and subtitles. You'll have to create your own menus and probably the chapter points too. There are no tools that you allow to input a DVD and copy it, menus and all, into Divx format. DivX Author is as close as you can get to what you want to do.
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