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    I have a CANON Mv930 camcorder which records on a miniDV tape.
    I use Vegas 7.0 as an editor.

    2 questions:
    Is it possible to edit a movie without loosing the original quality i.e when captured from the tape?

    After i edit with vegas which is the best format that i should choose when rendering to get the best quality to playback on a DVD player.

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    1. Transfer from DV to your PC through Vegas will give you files that are identical in quality to your source. Think of the transfer process as one of data transfer in realtime but without any error checking. You can then edit in Vegas and render out as DV avi without losing quality, provided you do not add any text, transitions or filters. If you do, those sections will be re-encoded, although any quality drop will undetectable until about the 5th generation or more if you use the Sony DV codec

    2. You have limited choices as DVD only accepts low resolution/low bitrate mpeg-1, or higher resolution mpeg-2. See What is DVD (top left corner of this page) for the specification. Vegas has templates built in, however personally I believe they are on the conservative side, so you should use the Custom button to make your own templates that suit your needs.
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