Hi, I have been running WinDVD4, I have just installed the trial of WinDVD8 platinum, it removes WinDVD4 (an option which I chose as 4 was freezing up PC since rebuild). I notice however that the picture is darker, shadow detail killed etc. Not good . Yet when I do a still picture capture the image looks lighter and the same as the still made of that frame with WinDVD4. If however I move the WinDVD8 gamma slider to the right to improve the picture, this works, BUT the stills are then also affected and now are too light.
As I use the prog for stills, this is a dilemma, I play a video, but cannot now judge when a still is worthy as all footage is darker. Or correct the viewing experience and get crap stills.
Whats the answer to this one ?
Perhaps try yet again to get windvd 5 or 6, hoping its stable with XP SP2 and picture like windvd4.
All internet sources of it are gone, Corel have ensured you have to have 8. Ok if it works that is, but not good if you find a problem with 8.

Their email Cust support is a dead end link, links to a page with no email address.

All the reviews about how wonderful it is, sounded good, though windvd4 was wonderful picture anyway ..and now better than this !
My monitor is CRT, Eizo, top quality and graphically calibrated and correct regards greyscale and gamma, so no suggestions for fiddling with its controls. I wonder if Intervideo tested on a calibrated screen. I could trust the screen for video and stills with 4 when using it to test video editing work. WinDVD8 default setting is not suited to graphically correct CRT screens perhaps.. ? Many screens from the factory are not correct, but users dont realise they need calibrating for correct greyscale.

WinDVD4 stills matched the screen perfectly. That prog was super, until I did a rebuild and added SP2. It just has the knack of sometimes freezing my PC and causing chkdsk to have to fix the HD,...not good that !, else I would go straight back to it. The navigation slo mo with the dial was easier also, everything was to hand in one small floating interface. 8 takes some getting used to. saving stills says will erase all those already saved, scary...first use it did, then second use it didnt, but when might it do that again ? One misclick and you end up with a new wallpaper though ! Buttons are so piddly now yet no need for it. Space there for larger ones, you now have to watch the button not the screen ! If it works leave well alone I say.