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    Dear friend.
    You have known the way to add permanent sub to the movie file (.avi).But I think it is better to create divx (.divx) file that have 2 subtitle from the avi file.

    I use sub2divx to create it.
    Open Sub2divx

    You open the avi file by chose File ->Open Avi
    You open the sub that you want to add in the avi file by chose File ->Open srt/idx

    Change the name of the sub at the Language.

    And finish creating divx file by chose Subtitle ->Create DIVX.
    After creating complete you have the 1 DIVX file contain 1 movie file and two sub.When you open this file by DIVX player you can switch between two sub,you can turn off sub if you want.

    I think it is better for permanent sub.

    But the problem here is.
    When you create permanent sub.It will display correctly with other non-english language.For Example here is my mother tongue Vietnamese.

    Asume that.
    I have the movie Next and two sub (English and Vietnamese).The first sub is English and the second is Vietnamese.Both of them are display correctly when use change the file name of the sub is the same as the the file name of the avi.
    As you can see in the picture i capture from the movie here the Vietnamese sub can display very well when the movie file and the sub file are separately.


    But when I create divx.The Vietnamese sub will not display correctly.
    May be the problem will happen with other language such as chinese....
    Please share the way to solve it.Any one come from Vietnam who has solve this problem please help me dirrectly through my email

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    I have a litle problem I understund this program more o less, but I Dont kknow how to save it.
    My problem is the font of the subtitles, when a put them on the cd with the movie (the same as the movie) everthing works perfect but, the subtiles are very small, and is dificult to read . I read that the sub2divx can fix this problem... if someone can help me..

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    if i were you I would choose to check if (i) i'm using the correct codepage, (ii) the previewed texts look fine before the muxing, and (iii) my windows system has been ready to support the codepage i chose.

    i've been using sub2divx for long and have no trouble at all in dealing with vietnamese texts.
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