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    The objectives/mission are threefold:

    1) Make/convert a MPEG-2 DVD compliant file to an ISO file.

    2) Take a .m2v file & a .mpa (audio) file to an ISO file that's ready to burn to disk.

    3) I have a dvd containing homemade,non-commercial video that I need to make a copy of to give to a fellow churchmember.

    What's the best,easiest,simplest/efficient & most effective way to do the above and are there detailed tutorials on this site that would explain the process step by step?

    Any helpful advice towards solving the above would be greatly appreciated as I made promises that I need to keep in the next 3 days.

    Thanks all in advance.

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    1 & 2) All you need is a DVD authoring app. Take a look in the HOW TO: Convert section and/or HOW TO: Author.

    3) Any burning app can copy non copyright protected discs.
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