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  1. As some of you know I replaced the Liteon burner in my 5005 with an LG unit and it's still working well.

    I came across the old drive (Liteon DDW-451S) in my closet and just for kicks I installed it into one of my computers and was able to successfully burn two dvds using Nero 7. I burnt a SpinX DVD-R successfully but Nero would not verify the burn and appeared to be stuck spinning ... So I placed the DVD-R into one of my other computers (I have 4) and Nero verified the burn was without errors.. The SpinX -R burnt at 4x.

    Next I tried a Kodak +R which burned successfully at 2.4 and Nero was able to successfully scan the media with no errors reported.

    I went to the Liteon site and under PC burners I found a firmware for a LDW-451S but nothing for a DDW-451S was listed. I tried flashing the drive while it was in my pc with the LDW firmware but it would not allow me...

    Is there a pc firmware for this drive?

    Another thing the drive does not allow me to select different speed burns which makes sense as it was originally in a set top recorder...


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  2. You found what myself an others ran into. The DDW drives while different in construction to the LDW should be the same in operation but are not. They seem to have been made exclusively for the Liteon stand-alone units

    This site.

    Lists the liteon drive family and does cover possible flashes but no mention of the DDW unit 451s, 813s, etc.. The units had its firmware incorporated in the firmware for the standalone unit. I do not know of anyone that has successfully found a seperate firmware for the DDW drive or been able to crossflash it

    I was a mute point as most just replaced the drive with a PC unit and that seemed to resolve any issue.
    A drive replacement will ignore any portion of a firmware upgrade. That drive can have a firmware upgrade but in a PC
    The unit governs the drive speed to 4x in copy. A 16x drive will not operate any faster than the 4x

    I have three liteon 5045, three 5005, two ilo RHD-04, two R04 all with replaced drives over two years ago and have installed drives for friends in about 30 other liteon/ilo units
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  3. I find it odd - it appears to burn fine in a computer but when it was in the LiteOn 5005 chasis it would just spin the discs....
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  4. Thatís an interesting point

    There are some users that indicate that the DDW does not work in the stand-alone but does in a PC. In some limited testing I had found the DDW If used in a PC or the Stand-alone, operated much the same and was not trustworthy, especially with +RW disks.
    While the DDW did work on +/- R disks [for awhile] They were very intermittent when using a +RW disk that had been erased and was being reused. This was not all the DDW fault as it exists in a 1693s but was a mishandling of the +RW disk and is another issue

    I had hung in on the DDW to much head shacking but finally tossed in the towel and replaced all the drives and have had no problems since.
    I have kept The DDW drives that were recognized by the system for use with the liteon 5005, 5006, 5007, etc and the ilo R04 when they would not be used as a player only in line with another recorder.

    I picked up some liteon 160p drives, that have a belt drive tray and are a lot like the DDW drives but in a stand-alone had no FF with a commercial disk. [That was another issue, Why no FF on a commercial disk but was ok on burned copy]
    I exchanged parts between the 160p and DDW to no avail.

    This was some time back when I tossed in the towel but the issue is there and while there was some mechanical problems. The DDW drives should work. But do not
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  5. Dear kenmo
    I tried replacing my drive in 5005 with LG DVD burner but it is not recognised. The recorder just hangs at hello and nothing happens.
    Can you please help.
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    Originally Posted by drsameer View Post
    Dear kenmo
    I tried replacing my drive in 5005 with LG DVD burner but it is not recognised. The recorder just hangs at hello and nothing happens.
    Can you please help.
    It could be the model. I replaced mine with a Samsung and it worked fine. Now if TW cable would just stop with the copy protection, I could go back to using it and dump the DVR monthly rental. Fat chance
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  7. There is no specific fiurmware for the liteon DDw Drive Any firmware for the liteon standalone includes both the system and Drive If The drive was replaced ,the drive patt of the firmware is ignored. A replacement drive firmware change is done in a PC
    The unit is looking for a liteon drive that it can recognize A number of drives ,like some Sony's Were made by liteon an will work on all functions, THe firmware that was listed on pumapeople was pulled Firmware 098 was the that could be hacked. THe was for analog as found in a VHS. The unit itself is not compliant The DDWdrives[ if working]willl burn most 16x disks. The units record at 4x and copy at 4x -- NO faster with any replacement
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    Not all drives work as replacement burners in LiteOn recorders. Go to to find a list of drives that have been found to work. Any drive used for replacement burner should be first connected to a computer, a DVD should be played while connected to computer to set the region, and the drive must be set to master to work in the LiteOn recorder. There are some 098 firmwares available at
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  9. QUOTE

    "here are some 098 firmwares available at

    I could not find any at thois site [firmware thgat is] , none for the 1140 or 1840 series but I have them


    The drive can be set at master or CS [cablr Select ]
    If a drive is not set fo a region I t should be placed in a PC . Using a program as Power DVD others may work. The region of tthe disk played will be the region set. Thats 1 setyou have 4 to go unless you can set it for all regions

    I said in a previous post THe units record at 4x
    I meant to say they record at 1x and copy at 4x
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