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    I ripped a chapter from a DVD to elementary streams using DVD Decrypter, converted the AC3 to WAV using ac3Tool, then used Cuttermaran to crop the video and audio.

    Now I want to take those cropped files and convert them back to a VOB file so I can convert that new VOB file to mp4 to use in my iPod (using VeMoDe).

    What program can I use to remux the wav & m2v files to a VOB? Freeware would be much preferred.
    Thanks for any help.
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    I'm not sure why you would want to convert to a VOB, just to convert to a MP4 format. It appears VeMoDe can convert from MPEG. You might try ImagoMPEG-Muxer or you could use TMPGEnc -2.524.63.181-Free just for muxing. That function is in 'File>MPEG Tools'.
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  3. Yeah, it sounds like the long way around to me as well. However, the free Muxman will do what you want. Add in the M2V and the WAV audio, give it a destination and "Start". And depending on the max bitrate set for the M2V, there's a chance that your conversion of the AC3 audio to WAV audio will push the max acceptable DVD bitrate over the top and the authoring will fail. You'll never know until you try, though.
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